Transformation Blueprint

TSRI’s Transformation Blueprint® is similar to an Application Blueprint®, with all of the same indices, diagrams and charts available.  However, there is one significant addition.  The modern “To-Be” code is displayed side-by-side with the legacy “As-Is” code in the Transformation Blueprint®. In addition to linking identifiers and diagrams, the legacy code is hyperlinked to its corresponding modernized version, and can easily be navigated through and cross-referenced.

This side-by-side display of the legacy code next to the modernized code, complete with hyperlinks, artifacts, and graphs, allows for your current staff to continue maintaining the transformed application, even if they are unfamiliar with the modern code language. Subject Matter Experts (SME's) familiar with the legacy code can quickly reference the legacy source code, and then immediately view the corresponding transformed modern code, saving amounts of tremendous maintenance time and expenseThe Transformation Blueprint® can be hosted on an internal webserver, and accessed by tens or even hundreds of staff from wherever they have access.

The indices of the Transformation Blueprint® documentation include a variety of options, but are also customizable and can be modified to meet the Client's requirements. Information from these indices can be used to identify refactorings, such as reducing complexity, removing dead and redundant code, as well as code consolidation. 

Transformation Blueprints® can be easily refreshed by TSRI to include the latest updates and enhancements, and are also modifiable by your own support staff.

In the example screen shot below, you will notice the System Index includes an index for embedded DCL code as well as the predominant COBOL.  From COBOL Final Docs, the user has navigated to a particular record.   The user then selected the Both tab from the blue menu bar.  This resulted in a view showing the legacy COBOL code on the right and the corresponding transformed C# code on the left.


Please examine the User Guide to better familiar yourself with this unique TSRI offering.



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