Friday, 11 May 2001 15:13

Jovial to C++ - MILSATCOM

The MILSATCOM Program Office under the Command and Control System Consolidation (CCS-C) program required replacement of the Air Force Satellite Control Network Command and Control Segment (SCNCCS). This J73 JOVIAL system was modernized to provide satellite control capabilities in support of the Air Force Space Command MILSATCOM satellite programs, including MILSTAR, DSCS III, NATO IV, SKYNET 4, Advanced Wideband Gapfiller, and Advanced EHF.

  • Customer:  US Air Force
  • Source & Target Language: Jovial to C++
  • Lines of Code: 125,000
  • Duration:  2 months
  • Services: Automated "As-Is” Documentation, Use of JANUS Studio® Toolset, Transformation Blueprint®
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