Final Iteration

In the Final Iteration, takes the the latest baseline of the code currently in production (and being actively maintained and updated), and identifes the deltas between the original code baseline taken at the start of the project. The deltas receive a final iteration, transforming, refactoring, and regression testing only the areas changed, and then the modernized system UML is generated and a final Transformation Blueprint® is delivered to the client. During the final release iteration(s), TSRI supports transitioning the system into production. For complex systems, this may require several iterations, more exhaustive testing and additional refactoring to achieve final Client acceptance.

Final Testing

During this phase, TSRI will support final testing of the system, including pilot/beta testing of the modernized system with a subset of the eventual end users.


During this phase TSRI will support system rework. There is no value testing the system if you don't plan to act on the defects that you find. You may not address all defects, but you should expect to fix some of them.


During this phase TSRI will support finalization of any system and user documentation. Some documentation may have been written during construction iterations, but it typically isn't finalized until the system release itself has been finalized to avoid unnecessary rework. Note that documentation is treated like any other requirement. It should be priced, prioritized, and created only if stakeholders are willing to invest in it.


We train end users, operations staff, and support staff to work effectively with our system.

Deploy the system

We provide support to the Client's operations staff as they place the system into production by providing engineering support to resolve any post-project issues that arise.


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