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Automated Modernization

Of Legacy Systems

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TSRI TargetGreatest Schedule CompressionTSRI TargetRefactoring & Documentation
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Industrial-Scale Military-Grade Transformation and Re-Factoring For Automated Information System Modernization

  • Trusted Provider For Military and Civilian Software System Migrations
  • Modernization of Large Mission-Critical Information Systems
  • Award Winning Technology-Intensive Model-Based Rule-Driven Solution
  • Artificial Intelligence Based Software Modeling, Analysis, and Transformation
  • Supporting Dozens of Software Languages and Databases

The Software Revolution, Inc. (TSRI) provides automated legacy software system modernization services to both government and industry. TSRI's highly advanced software re-engineering tool set, JANUS Studio®, provides the industries highest level of automation for software assessment, documentation, transformation, re-factoring and web-enablement. TSRI's fully automated processes eliminate risk, reduce cost, and compress project schedules.

TSRI offers many services, but four that best showcase our JANUS Studio® technology are our ability to: (1) Ingest a software application written in a legacy language and automatically transform, not just transliterate, it into a modern, object-oriented target language, such as C++, C#, Java, or J2EE; (2) re-factor the transformed code to improve that code's structure, performance, and maintainability; (3) generate full UML documentation for both the "As Is" as well as the "To Be" systems; and (4) transform monolithic legacy systems into a multi-tiered web-based application.

Visit our Technology page to find out more about how this process works and how your legacy software can be modernized.