About TSRI

TSRI exists to eliminate the technology gap
between solutions and success.

No Limitations

TSRI clients, business creatives, and decision-makers aren’t limited by their code. They are empowered by it.


TSRI clients are able to leverage the opportunities of the world's latest technologies.


TSRI clients can rest assured that we adhere to the latest coding standards, security requirements, and performance expectations.

Since 1995, TSRI has offered a truly unique, language- and industry-neutral automated legacy software modernization service for government and commercial customers worldwide. Our staff includes scientists at the forefront of artificial intelligence-based application transformation, and our facility and specialized equipment is capable of handling any system modernization project (including classified work) regardless of language, size, or complexity.

Working directly with our customers — or teaming with internationally recognized system integrators and other technology partners — TSRI has automatically modernized hundreds of major software systems, including applications requiring the highest standards of perfection like air traffic control systems, aircraft avionics, Department of Defense systems, financial applications, and other mission critical applications. These projects comprise a wide variety of legacy source languages, database structures, and modern target languages and platforms.


Through technical ingenuity, dedication, and
collaboration, we automate the modernization
of high-value software advancing organizations
into a better business and technology reality.


Creating a world where organizations
aren't limited by technology.

TSRI isdependableprovenprecisecollaborativeinnovativeexperienced

Facts At-a-Glance


Headquartered in metropolitan Seattle, Washington, USA

With offices in Washington D.C. and Arizona

250+ Successful Automated Modernized
Projects Since 2000

100% customer satisfaction with references provided
Award-winning technology, including the 2011 Stevens Award
Case Studies

Technology Rooted in Early Artificial
Intelligence Projects

1988-1994, Boeing Artificial Intelligence Lab
1983 USAF Knowledge-Based Software Assistance (KBSA) Program
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