Model & Architecture-Driven Transformation Technology

 TSRI's tool set, JANUS Studio®, is the most advanced solution for automated software assessment, documentation, transformation, and refactoring. 

Our founder literally wrote the book on software modernization best practices! It features detailed case studies on some of the most interesting software modernization projects around the world - it is even used for education at Georgetown University,  Carnegie Mellon & other institutions.

Modeling Makes the Difference

Instead of a line-by-line conversion, TSRI's modeling approach allows us to ingest a software application and truly transform it (not just transliterate) into a modern, native, object-oriented target language such as C++, C#, Java, or J2EE, running on Linux, Unix, Windows and/or any realtime target architecture. Our proprietary Intermideate Object Model (IOM) is a language-neutral modeling system that transforms all legacy source languages into modernized target languages. Through the use of the IOM, TSRI simplifies the O (n-squared) language transformation problem to an O (n+1) language transformation problem. The IOM provides a set of generic language constructs that serve as a reusable language-neutral formalism for assessment, documentation, transformation, refactoring, and web-enablement. 

Also, since every application and every language is modernized and transformed at the meta-model stage, every prior project (regardless of the language or industry) further develps the toolset and TSRI libraries, resulting in greater value for each future project. At the kernel of this framework are three high-level specification languages; JPGEN™ for defining grammar system and language models, JTGEN™ for defining transformations between these models, and JRGEN™, (a 5th generation artificial intelligence language), for model manipulation and analysis that supports first order logic and predicate calculus as well as 3GL and 4GL language constructs.

TSRI's Rules and Grammar Engines

Our solution is driven by a rules engine and a grammar engine. Our grammar systems have been defined for Ada, Visual Basic, Vax Basic, C, C++, COBOL, C#, Java, Jovial, FORTRAN, and more than 30 other languages, as well as TSRI's proprietary Intermediate Object Model (IOM).

JPGEN™ defines compact and efficient grammar systems for mapping application source code into model bases. JTGEN™ defines the complex rewrite rules that map between these model-bases to ensure that the semantics within a souce language are accuratetly re-expressed within the semantics of a target language. JRGEN™ communicates between model bases and alternative representations, including design, documentation, software metrics, and visual presentations.
At the kernal of TSRI's frameowrk are three high-level specifications languages:

Used for defining grammar system and language models

Used for defining transformations between these models 

JRGEN™ (a 5th generation artificial intelligence language)
Used for model manipulation and analysis that supports first order logic and predicate calculus as well as 3GL and 4GL language constructs

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