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Wednesday, 03 July 2024 23:08

TSRI Sponsors 2024 AFCEA Montgomery IT Summit

TSRI Sponsors Annual AFCEA IT Summit, in Montgomery Alabama

TSRI proudly sponsored the 2024 Montgomery IT Summit (MITS) hosted by the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association International (AFCEA), Montgomery Chapter. This annual event brings together government and industry leaders to discuss the Air Force’s technology initiatives, insights into their strategic roadmap, and potential collaboration opportunities.

Supporting Education Through Charity

TSRI continued our yearly support of the Montgomery AFCEA Chapter Education Foundation by sponsoring the annual charity golf tournament, which raises funds to integrate IT education into local classrooms. This event generates over $120,000 annually to support educational programming and equipment, promote students' interest in IT careers, and recognize hardworking teachers and students through scholarships, grants, and awards across Alabama’s River Region.

Building Connections on the Green

The charity golf tournament and that morning’s President’s Breakfast provided an excellent setting for our team to build new connections and reinforce existing ones with our Air Force customers and partners. Brad Charleson, TSRI’s Principal Account Executive, highlighted the intangible value of these events, where casual conversations can lead to significant collaboration opportunities down the road. In this intimate and casual environment we shared some of our past performance on successful DoD projects, many of which the Air Force attendees recognized, and learned about other critical applications currently in need of modernization. 

AI Conversations at the Summit

This year’s Summit, themed “GenAI Transformation at High-Velocity,” focused on the impact of Generative AI (GenAI) on the business landscape. The Air Force is actively and rapidly adopting AI technologies to enhance productivity, including chatbots and code-writing tools. As is the new norm, TSRI utilizes GenAI in day-to-day activities to gain efficiency. We leverage new AI technologies in concert with our Formal Methods AI-based, rules- and pattern-driven technology, JANUS® Studio, to enhance our comprehensive modernization and documentation solutions. One of the most critical aspects of adopting AI successfully is defining responsible usage and implementation protocol, a point the Air Force stressed in their presentations at the conference. 

Sharing Insights and Innovations

At MITS, TSRI engaged in discussions about business, mission, and IT automation, sharing insights on leveraging automation throughout the software modernization journey. Conversations with partners and USAF customers provided valuable feedback on our approach, emphasizing our  comprehensive planning, diligent expectation setting, and support for post-modernization operational excellence.

Taking Center Stage

René Wagner, Director of Business Development at TSRI, had the pleasure of introducing the Automation Panel again this year. The USAF has long been dedicated to workflow and workload automation, and this year’s panel covered everything from Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), ETL automation, process mining, and no-code and low-code automation solutions. This panel addressed vital questions about leveraging these forms of automation in business and technical processes, exploring familiar and innovative tools and methodologies, including auxiliary AI tools like chatbots to enhance current automation methodologies. 

Reflecting on MITS 2024 and Past AFCEA Events

Looking back at our long history of attending and sponsoring (over 45) AFCEA events, TSRI consistently finds these experiences invaluable for understanding and supporting the USAF's mission-critical objectives. Each event offers a unique opportunity to engage with critical stakeholders, foster innovation, and strengthen our commitment to serving the United States Air Force.

MITS 2024 was another tremendous conference, providing valuable insights and actionable strategies on Generative AI and automation when individual workers and teams need it most. The event reinforced the importance of collaboration and ongoing dialogue in driving technological advancements. As always, TSRI extends heartfelt thanks to the Air Force and AFCEA for hosting a transformative event and we look forward to the continued partnership.

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Monday, 24 July 2023 12:35

Highlights From MITS 2023



Face to Face with Our Air Force Counterparts

This year’s AFCEA MITS conference in Montgomery, Alabama, was a fantastic experience. The TSRI team was delighted to spend quality time with this community of long-time partners, the U.S. Air Force, and other military leaders. It gave us an in-person opportunity to deepen established relationships and help strengthen our understanding of the Air Force’s critical goals and initiatives. The panel sessions and discussions reflected the impressive intelligence, passion, and dedication of the Air Force and our industry colleagues.

This year we were proud to sponsor the conference to help advance the military’s mission and the education of the future technology workforce through AFCEA’s yearly charity golf tournament and President’s Breakfast.


Conversations on the Green

The golf tournament and breakfast held the day before the conference offered an excellent opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones in a fun setting. René Wagner, our Director of Business Development, says, “It was very exciting to talk with our partners about how they're feeling about the industry and about our common goal of helping the Air Force.”

Our sponsorship helped AFCEA raise over $127,000 for schools and universities through the Montgomery AFCEA Chapter Education Foundation. The money will go to promote IT integration in classrooms across Alabama’s River Region by providing students and teachers with scholarships, grants, equipment, and awards to support technical workforce development.


Insights from the Main Event

With around 700 attendees, the 2023 MITS conference provided a focused forum for in-depth discussions with the Air Force about their critical IT goals. This year’s conference theme was the “Unwavering Drive for Automation,” a natural fit for TSRI’s automated architecture-driven software application modernization and refactoring solution. Our approach consistently achieves over 99.9% automation, meeting and exceeding Air Force typical expectations of 60% or 70% automation, at minimum. In addition to the time and money TSRI’s high automation solution can save organizations, our iterative refactoring process improves code quality and increases applications' speed, security, readability, and scalability.

Throughout the conference, we heard new ideas for business, mission, and IT automation, and we shared how, at TSRI, we leverage automation at every step of the software modernization journey. In conversations with our partners and USAF customers about the continued success of TSRI’s application modernization solution and process, we gained valuable insight into what sets our approach apart. Beyond our technical solution, these conversations highlighted the importance of our comprehensive planning, diligent expectation setting, and expertise in post-modernization operational change management.


“I’ve been living and breathing the Air Force logistics modernization strategy and struggle for over a decade.” Says Greg Tadlock, TSRI’s Vice President of Sales, “At MITS, what I learned was continued reinforcement that we're on the right track. That what we're offering customers is the right solution.“


Taking Center Stage

“The single greatest moment at the event, for me,” says Greg, “was the full auditorium as René introduced TSRI at the beginning of the automation panel. You can only imagine…for a small company like TSRI, it felt like a big moment.” The panel discussion addressed some of the central questions of automation, such as which business and technical processes make sense to automate and what level of automation is feasible to run critical operations more efficiently for the Air Force and other military organizations. The panel discussed familiar and innovative automation tools and methodologies, including new AI technologies.


Hot Topics: Platform Selection and Cyber-Resilience

In addition to automation and AI, another major topic of conversation was cloud infrastructure and platform migration for military systems. To achieve the high levels of security, performance, and maintainability required of military IT solutions, our Air Force customers need to identify and configure the optimal environments for their systems. Paul Saladna, an Enterprise Architect at NTT Data, responsible for the Air Force’s large and very successful SBSS ILS-S project, speaks to this question in our recent webinar. Do you go with a particular cloud platform based on your systems language or database type? Or do you choose by the server or operating system? In many cases, it’s not a simple, formulaic decision.

As more Air Force and other military systems are migrated to the cloud, several considerations exist in the choice and configuration of their target environments. Cyber-resilience is near the top of the list, as is scalability and the ease of system maintenance. There’s not one “if-System-A-then-Target-B” answer, which made our conversations at MITS all the more interesting and informative. With the Air Force tackling several new initiatives, now is the perfect time to engage in these critical discussions. TSRI consults with our partners and customers to help select cloud environments and configure optimal architectures for each application.



Many thanks to the Air Force and AFCEA for another great MITS!

Greg summed up our feelings about the MITS event: "It was an honor to participate with such an influential group of folks at the Air Force. It was great to get a chance to understand their needs and truly introduce TSRI’s full capabilities.” We look forward to next year and the rewarding initiatives and breakthroughs we’ll tackle with our partners and military colleagues until then!



Proven by decades of results. Prove it for yourself. 
For decades, TSRI clients have been discovering a dramatically faster, more accurate, and less expensive automated modernization process. We’ve earned a place as the go-to resource for enterprise corporations, government, military, healthcare, and more. Now prove it for yourself. Find out how the proprietary TSRI modernization process delivers future-ready, cloud-based code in any modern language in a fraction of the time. 

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Friday, 19 May 2023 16:23

Let's Meet at MITS!


“Unwavering Drive For Automation.” That’s the theme for this year’s AFCEA MITS (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Montgomery Information Technology Summit.) And we couldn’t agree more.

It’s no wonder TSRI is a Platinum Sponsor of MITS this year; we’re always innovating to enable greater automation. So if you’re attending MITS, we would love a chance to get together. And don’t miss our Automation Panel Discussion on May 24 moderated by Matt Roberts, AFLCMC/GB DAFBOT. We’ll also be at the Industry/Government Exchange Breakfast Reception on Monday morning. Look for us at either place if you’re going.

To further support our commitment to innovation through teamwork with the Air Force, TSRI is proud to be a MITS Golf Sponsor this year. If you’re going to the tournament, let’s meet up on the fairway. Just drop Greg Tadlock or René Wagner a line and we can coordinate a face-to-face meeting.


Let's Meet at MITS.

TSRI Automation Panel Discussion
May 24, 08:50 – 09:50 CT

TSRI Golf Sponsorship
Contact Greg Tadlock or René Wagner to connect on the fairway.


On a Mission to Automation
Our long-standing relationship with the US Air Force began in 1995 with the Defense and Finance Accounting Services (DFAS) contract management system, MOCAS, and in our 10 Air Force projects since we’ve consistently aligned our efforts to support their vision of a force “Powered by Airmen, Fueled by Innovation,” modernizing some of the Air Force’s most mission critical systems.

From our modernization of the challenging Air Force AFLCMC SBSS ILS-S—known as “The Beast”— to our current work modernizing the 4-million line Stock Control System, with our partner Definitive Logic, we’ve consistently delivered success. Some of our successful past projects modernizing Air Force systems include:

—  Weather monitoring—Weather Data Analysis Capability (WDAC)

—   Tactical and strategic multiservice satellite management—MILSTAR (Military Strategic & Tactical Relay

—  Reporting systems for equipment maintenance data—The Reliability & Maintainability Information System (REMIS)

—   Tracking combat capability and impending parts problems—Weapon System Management Information System (WSMIS),

—  Financial cost tracking—WSCRS Weapons System Cost Retrieval System


Let's Touch Base
If you’re going to be at the MITS conference, let’s meet at the session, on the greens, or in-between! Drop us a line at iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let’s set up a time to talk about transforming the impossible into the everyday.




Proven by decades of results. Prove it for yourself. 
For decades, TSRI clients have been discovering a dramatically faster, more accurate, and less expensive automated modernization process. We’ve earned a place as the go-to resource for enterprise corporations, government, military, healthcare, and more. Now prove it for yourself. Find out how the proprietary TSRI modernization process delivers future-ready, cloud-based code in any modern language in a fraction of the time. 

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