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Tuesday, 15 September 2009 13:54

TSRI CEO Coauthors OMG Book


"TSRI CEO Coauthors Information Modernization Case Studies Book For The OMG Press"

Kirkland, WA. (October 10, 2009) – The first major publication from the Object Management Group Architecture Driven Modernization Task Force will be appearing in book stores commencing February, 2010. Published by Morgan Kaufman as part of the OMG Series, the Information System Transformation: Architecture Driven Modernization Case Studies in 400+ pages is already being heralded as the most definitive handbook of best practices for information system modernization published in more than a decade.

CTOs, CIOs and System Architects of Organizations seeking guidance in the theory, principles, disciplines, tools, scenarios and management strategies for legacy system modernization will use Information System Transformation: Architecture Driven Modernization Case Studies by Bill Ulrich and Philip Newcomb an irreplaceable handbook for guiding their modernization projects.

In contrast to the tangled IT architectures that resulted from decades of manual patches, failed replacements, and outmoded transliteration approaches, ADM is an automated approach for information system modernization that restores the vitality of legacy systems by automatically modeling and transforming them into modern languages, and modern designs and architectures without the need for manual intervention except to adjust the models and rules that carry out the automated modernization process.

This new OMG Series publication combines theory and practical guidance from lessons learned during the modernization of major mission critical systems. The European air traffic control system, the Veteran Heath Administration’s electronic health care system, Air Force logistics systems, Navy NMCI systems are just a few of the highly successful modernization projects that are the focus of the many in-depth case studies in this new book.
The outcome or a three year collaboration between Philip Newcomb, CEO of the Software Revolution, Inc and principal contributor to the ASTM, SMM and KDM standards and William Ulrich, Co-chair of the Object Management Group (OMG) Architecture-Driven Modernization Task Force (ADM-TF), Information System Transformation: Architecture Driven Modernization Case Studies is the first OMG Series publication to address architecture driven modernization (ADM).

To purchase the book (paperback) HERE
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